Browser Helper

This site used advanced modern web languages and may not render correctly on your browser. Please upgrade to a modern standards compliant web browser to enjoy the best experience the World Wide Web has to offer.

The best place to pick your new browser is over at BrowseHappy.Com. With links to all the Allstars in the browser world, you can quickly get caught up with technology!

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Why should I upgrade/update?

– Richer Experience

Modern websites are built using the latest design tools. Internet Explorer, particularly older versions, do not support the latest features available to website builders. This takes the rich user experience away from you and makes building functional websites much more difficult. If you decide to upgrade to a different browser, please take a few minutes to visit all of your favorite sites so you can see what I mean.

– Better Security

Nearly all other browsers are FREE and are built by large communities of programmers. This is called “Open Source” and it leads to very secure and powerful software. Since there are many people working together because they enjoy doing it, dangerous holes in the security of the browser are quickly patched. When a company builds a browser, there are a couple hundred people at most building it, Firefox has tens of thousands of people working daily on improving it!

Is it difficult to upgrade? How long will it take?

It is very easy to upgrade and only takes a few seconds with a DSL or Cable internet connection. Installation is quick and provides options to import all of your IE favorites right into your shiny new browser! It really couldn’t be much easier, and the rewards are so worth the effort.

Don’t worry, you will still have your current browser on your computer. It won’t be affected at all by adding another one. But I must warn you, once you get comfortable with your new browser, good old IE will probably never be used again.

How do I get started?

There are several very highly rated browsers available, and links to their download pages can easily be found over here at BrowseHappy. With over 10 MILLION Facebook Likes, this site is the standard when it comes to checking the latest version of your browser and downloading updates or different browsers. I personally recommend Firefox, but try a few and see what you like. After all, they’re FREE!

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